General information about the Maine Coon


This popular American breed is physically the largest domestic cat breed that we know of.

The tomcats can grow in to very big cats with an average weight of six to seven kilogrammes, but there are also tomcats that weigh over ten kilogrammes.

The very long, close haired tail and the little tufts of hair on the points of the ears are the most important characteristics of the Maine Coon.

This breed is one of the so-called “Natural breeds”.This means that these cats can’t be bread in any other colour than those we see in nature. Maine Coons will never have the exotic Siamese colours.

Many other breeds strive to achieve standards prescribed by an ideal proto type when breeding, but the most important goal with the Maine Coon is to keep to the original type.

The Maine Coon with his glorious semi-longhaired fur doesn’t need much more care than a shorthaired cat.